David Goldstein

Hangouts Director, Escapees RV Club David retired at age 55 from his career as a lawyer and corporate executive. He and his wife Cheryl now work remotely for Escapees while RVing full-time. He shares what he had to learn on his own about health insurance and other options for working-age RVers.

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A “recovering lawyer”, serial entrepreneur and executive, David retired from corporate life at age 55 to RV full-time with his wife Cheryl. Without employer-sponsored health insurance and too young for Medicare, his research on available alternatives led them to change their domicile to Florida in 2017 to gain access to a nationwide PPO plan.

He now shares what he had to learn on his own about various healthcare options with other working-age RVers. David and Cheryl work part-time remotely for Escapees as the directors of the Escapees Hangouts event program and are Escapees Lifetime Members.

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What You Need to Know About Healthcare Options for Pre-Medicare RVers

David Goldstein