Lezlie Garr

Owner, ResumeLezlie.com Lezlie is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Career Transition Coach with 8+ years' experience growing a fully-remote resume writing business with thousands of followers and helping hundreds of job seekers per year.

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As a self-proclaimed word-nerd, accidental-entrepreneur, and multi-certified resume writer / careers coach, Lezlie's primary focus is helping high-achievers communicate their unique value.

A truly effective resume takes research, planning, keyword optimization, creative wordsmithing, and a focus on value to elevate you above your competition

And that’s exactly what Lezlie does.

Since 2015, she's directly helped 700+ professionals (yes, really 🤓) by writing targeted resumes to effectively showcase their unique value.

Lezlie's time-tested, proven-effective resume writing methodology allows her to grow a business helping job seekers - and it can do the same for you.

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