Melissa Russo

Owner & Young Living Brand Partner, Live your Radiant Life Melissa has been an entrepreneur in the Health & Wellness industry for two decades. Three years ago she made a huge transition from brick & mortar to live her dream, hit the road, and work remotely in her Rpod camper while running her network marketing "home-based" business.

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Melissa Russo has created an adventurous life on the road- taking advantage of the location, time, and financial freedom that a network marketing business can provide.  Whether exploring a side-hustle for an additional stream of income or a full-time career, join her and have your questions answered about the network marketing industry in general as well as considerations when choosing a company that aligns with your passions and values. She will also introduce you to her business, personal branding, tips for setting yourself apart from the crowd, and finding your nitch!

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Melissa Russo