Ramona Cox

President, SkyChick Adventures As a bush pilot, scuba diver, author, blogger, gear reviewer, and lecturer, Ramona Cox’s adventurous lifestyle has received broad media attention and led to a full sponsorship by Honda Corp. As their voice for the general aviation, marine, and the RV community, Ramona has created highly successful social media programs that have surpassed all expectations.

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Ramona Cox, aka SkyChick, is an author, speaker, bush pilot, scuba diver, entrepreneur, and avid adventurer. In 2015, she achieved the dream of many bloggers being offered a sponsorship from a Fortune 500 corporation.

Ramona’s lifestyle began to attract attracted media attention in 2003 during 16 years of extreme SOLO “air-camping” trips. Landing at remote wilderness airstrips, she ran a successful internet business using exclusively satellite technology in areas with no roads, no power, no cell service or 911, while dodging grizzly bears and mountain lions.

In 2014, Ramona was approached by Honda to be sponsored as a brand ambassador which included booth appearances, book and DVD signings, lectures, and blogging about her adventures. Honda also jumped on board when Ramona created the Skyway to the Highway Journey to travel across the country in a Lance 1575 travel trailer. Twenty-five states and 10,000 miles later, the journey and her relationship with Honda continues to grow and she has developed some of their most innovative and successful social media programs without missing a beat during the Covid-19 situation.

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Ramona Cox

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