Sharee Collier

Project Manager, Escapees RV Club Sharee Collier is the Project Manager for the Rethinking Remote Work Conference. She's a travel loving entrepreneur. Known for her creativity and willingness to step out-side-the-box, Sharee enjoys building businesses, events and resources that appeal to her two main loves, travel and marketing.

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Sharee is the Author of Live Camp Work: Make Money & RV Full-time a digital and print based RV book that provides a practical look into the world of Workamping. After hitting best seller status in just 2 days, Sharee pumped much needed fuel into her current website to provide a central resource for RVers looking for information on RV jobs and how to make money on the road. Her website has grown tremendously thanks to her passion for helping fellow RVers get on the road fast with real information on RV employers that hire, suggestions on location independent careers, as well as tips on ways to earn cash on the road full-time, part-time and seasonally!

Sharee has hands on experience in working seasonal RV jobs as well as being a digital nomad with a remote career. Her goal is to pass on useful information that helps those interested in RVing reach their dreams fast with the fewest number of hurdles possible!

As an entrepreneur, creating lifestyle brands that fuel her passions while helping others find necessary information, as well as products and services to help them along the way, is her main goal. She really enjoys working with fellow entrepreneurs on projects both big and small. From offering podcast management and back end summit setup, project management and digital marketing campaigns, Sharee aims to support fellow creators in their goals and missions.

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