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A Journey to Venture Wipes - Building a remote business on the road

A Talk by Thomas Fromm and Sharee Collier

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About this Talk

A conversation with Venture Wipes founder Tomas Fromm about his journey bringing a physical product to makers while RVing full-time with his family.

Join Sharee Collier for the interview which covers: 1. The Initial Product Idea 2. Research & Development 3. Big Challenges 4. Using Kickstarter for Funding or Awareness 5. Finding Your Target Audience & 6. Next Steps for Venture Wipes

***Join in during the Live Session to chat with Thomas and fellow attendees! Ask your questions and get real answers!

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About The Speakers

Thomas Fromm

Thomas Fromm

Owner, Venture Wipes

Thomas, his wife Tammy, & two daughters are in there 5th year of traveling full-time. Our family along with another full-time family created this business on the road 4yrs ago.

Sharee Collier

Sharee Collier

Project Manager, Escapees RV Club

Sharee Collier is the Project Manager for the Rethinking Remote Work Conference. She's a travel loving entrepreneur. Known for her creativity and willingness to step out-side-the-box, Sharee enjoys building businesses, events and resources that appeal to her two main loves, travel and marketing.