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VIP WORKSHOP: Finding Your Purpose And Using It To Create Remote Income

A Talk by Tana Daughtrey and K. Susie Adams

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I have spent the better part of 50 years exploring the purpose of our endeavors and would love to help others in this pursuit.

Given that I have worked in profit and non-profit companies, as a solo practitioner and part of a large corporation, as well as time spent as a full-time wife and mother, and as a novel, memoir, screenplay writer, I may have lots to share.

About The Speakers

Tana Daughtrey

Tana Daughtrey

Owner, Tana Daughtrey Coaching LLC

Tana Daughtrey worked as a practicing attorney in Houston, Texas for 38 years. Her coaching business is Tana Daughtrey Coaching LLC. She works with clients helping them to find greater happiness and satisfaction in their lives and career.

K. Susie Adams

K. Susie Adams

Law Partner, Loring & Assoc.,PLLC

I have been an attorney for over 35 years. During this time I have worked with small and large companies in both litigation and transactional work. I have also helped my husband, James D. Frost, III. as he launched several small businesses.